Pineapple Payasam – Tasty


Pineapple Payasam - Tasty

Payasam made with pineapple
Prep Time 40 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 10 people



  • Boil the pineapple pieces in a thick bottom pan, along with a little water.
  • When the pineapple is done, add the ghee and fry it well.
  • Add sugar and fry.
  • :- Make sure that there is no crumbs or lumps.
  • When it is nicely done, add the third extract of the milk and boil it.
  • Add the second extract followed by the first extract.
  • When the first extract begins to boil, add the washed chowari.
  • When the chowari is cooked and payasam is nicely done, remove from flame.
  • Add the fried cashewnuts and raisins.
  • Sprinkle the powdered ingredients and mix well.
  • Close the pan with a lid to keep the yummy flavour
  • :- 1) If u r using tinned coconut milk, avoid the three steps of extract milk. simply mix one cup water to the first tin of coconut milk and dilute it. Add this to the fried pineapples. When it starts to boil, add the second tin of coconut milk. 2) I normally add one cup water to one tin coconut milk to dilute it. But u can use more or less according to the thickness and quality of the milk.
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Response (32)
  1. r
    ramya November 1, 2004

    the payasam was good…can u please put the recipe for pineapple cake?

  2. M
    Manoj November 25, 2006

    Very good recipe. My family and guests enjoyed it a lot even without the chowari added.

  3. s
    sirisha March 13, 2007

    hi,what is chowari,can please tell me what is this ingrident.thank u

  4. r
    rhea October 21, 2006

    there`s a much easier as well as tastier way of making pineapple payasam ;instead of coconut milk boil the chauvary or sabudana & sugar in cow`s milk and let it cool.In a separate vessel boil the pineapple pieces with sugar and let it cool too.Mix both.Finally add the fried cashew and raisins,cardamom powder & one table spoon condensed milk & voila the payasam is ready!!

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