Pulinkari is prepared with toor dal and any one of a variety of vegetables depending on what is seasonal. The usual veggies that are used are winter melon, unripe pappaya, cucumber (vellarikka), tomatoes, taro root and drum sticks. You can replace tamarind with mangoes as the souring agent if you are using cucumber or drumsticks. as the name implies, is a tasty and tangy curry for rice, made using Puli or tamarind with vegetables and coconut. There are a few variations of this curry. With a few ingredients, this quick dish only takes 25 minutes to prepare and has a tangy taste. You can prepare this dish on a busy day cause it wont take much of your time and serve it along with white rice, any vegetable stir fry and papad. This pulinkari is made without coconut made using lightly sweet vegetables like pumpkin, jackfruit or ashgourd.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 2 people


For seasoning:-



You can explore this dish Kumbalanga Pulinkari
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Response (4)
  1. V
    Vijaya December 6, 2005

    hi .ur recipe is good short cut if one is too tired.
    my mother in law also adds onion and red chilles
    (fried)paste to this for added flavour.

  2. g
    geethu August 5, 2008

    i like this recipie.its very easy and equally delicious

  3. n
    neena rajesh February 9, 2006

    hi..ur recipe is very gud..thank u for sharing with us..

  4. D
    Dhanalakshmi December 5, 2006

    I tried the recipe and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.

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